College of Islamic Science

Principles of Religion


The Department of Principles of Religion strives to:

  1. Deepen the perspective of the real Islam, which was based on general information, through the revival of the goals of the valuable laws of Islam and the education of the students in the Sharia.
  2. Combating extremism and intolerance through the teaching of Sharia-related topics by teachers who believe in moderation.
  3. Emerging community with scientific efficiency that has the positive ability to build the heart of every individual in society through patriotism.
  4. Spreading awareness of the art of dialogue among all the components of our society is necessary for peaceful coexistence, which is required before true religion can be practiced.
  5. Strengthen the scientific relations between our college and the other directorates to get positive cooperation going for the promotion and development of society.

Department Vision:

The Department of Principles of Religion seeks to achieve the highest standards of quality, academic accreditation, and scientific research; to be distinguished in the level of scientific studies, community service, and response to developments in various fields of life; to stimulate creativity and innovation in education and scientific research in Islamic sciences; and to be a distinct educational source in behavior. Contributing to the dissemination of a culture of moderation and rejection of violence and hatred.

Department Mission:

Spreading science and Islamic enlightenment and calling for Islamic thought, in addition to actively participating and engaging with the community, according to the measure of quality assurance and academic support, are the missions of the department.

Learning Outcomes:

The outcome of this department is to educate students in Islamic sciences, such as the purposes of shariah, Islamic schools and sects, Islamic philosophy, comparative religions, Quranic sciences, Islamic jurisprudence, etc.

Study Methods:

The Bologna Process is applied in the department.


The language of the department is mainly Arabic, Kurdish, and English, based on the language of the modules.


The duration of study at the department is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters.

Academic Staff:

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