College of Islamic Science

Islamic Studies


This department was established in 1994-1995, and our goals are to produce coordinating generations that are instructed and educated on the instructions of the religion of Islam and the path of moderation. Furthermore, ensuring that students have the ability to blend tradition and modernity in order to serve society, uphold the sacred rules of Islam, and achieve our nation’s rights. Upon the completion of their studies, students will be experienced in the field of Islamic sciences. They can be appointed or employed in the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs as an imam and a preacher. Moreover, they can get employment in the Ministry of Education as Arabic language or religion teachers.

Department Vision:

  1. Serve in the field of innovation and contemporary reading of Islamic sciences.
  2. Training students to become experts and understand the holy message of Islam in order to serve humanity and rebuild Kurdistan.
  3. Expanding the horizons of thinking, understanding, and coexistence on the basis of mediation.
  4. Protecting the high values and high morality of Kurdish ,culture and history of our people.
  5. Continuing the path of Kurdish scholars and intellectuals in the eras of religious, scientific, national, and cultural fields.
  6. Producing expert researchers in the contemporary sciences of Islamic Sharia to solve problems of society.
  7. Modernizing the Islamic discourse and preserving the independent national, cultural, and intellectual structure of the Kurdish people.

Department Mission:

Educating an expert, intellectual, and visionary generation on the correct way of thinking, based on the holy religion of Islam, to protect the religion and the country, and the reconstruction and development of Kurdistan and the wisdom, civilization, and history of the Kurdish people.

Providing a significant number of experts in the field of conveying the message of Islam and serving the governmental and non-governmental institutions of Kurdistan.

It is worth mentioning that more than 1300 students have graduated from this department in 23 graduation rounds.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the Department of Islamic Studies, the students will have knowledge of Islamic sciences such as the Qur’anic sciences, Hadith sciences, jurisprudence, rules and principles, Islamic differences, and other sciences such as grammar, pronunciation, logic, and rhetoric in Arabic.

In terms of how they understand scientific content, students are trained in a good moderate education away from extremism and extremism, with a focus on tolerance, peace, and coexistence.

Study Methods:

The Bologna process was implemented as a major system in this department.


The language of instruction at the Department is Kurdish and Arabic, with the exception of English in the first year.


The duration of study at the department of Islamic studies is 4 academic years, divided into 8 semesters.

Academic Staff:

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