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Princilpes Of Religion

This department tries to get a high profile for Islamic science (Sharia) which based on the peaceful coexistence and humanitarian and community service.

The message of this department is publishing the Islamic science, the Islamic culture and the invitation to ethics of Islam, especially the participation in every aspect of the society according to best quality and the academic support.

The objectives of this department:

       1. Deepen the perspective of the real Islam which was based on the general information through the revival of the goals of valuable laws of Islam and educate the students in the Sharia.

       2. Fighting with the extremism and intolerance through teaching of topics of Sharia by those teachers who have the thought of moderation.

      3. Emerging community with scientific efficiency that has a positive ability to build the heart of every individual in the society on the basis of a sense of patriotism.

      4. Creating high awareness of the art of dialogue between all the components of our society for peaceful co-existence which is required before the true religion.

      5. Strengthen the scientific relations between our college and the other directorates for getting cooperation positively together for the promotion and development of the society.